Game mechanism and feature


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Feature Update

Currency System : Players now have their own "balance", to see the balance you can use the /bal command, for how to get money, players can sell items at the AdminShop at Datenshi Plaza east of the datenshi spawn.


Shop System : Players can now create their own Shop! here you use the QuickShop plugin, for the Player Marketplace area and a shop creation tutorial will follow


Premium Fastlogin : For players with premium accounts (Mojang login accounts), can use the /premium command to directly log in without having to enter a password, for login accounts using TLauncher and his brother, DO NOT USE THIS COMMAND, the account will be locked in the auth-loop


GSit: Players can now sit on the slabs and stairs, just right-click on the slabs/stairs with their bare hands, or use the /sit command


AuthMe Email Recovery: For players who have forgotten their password, now they can reset their password using email. Previously, they had to add an email, admin can help old players to bypass login for password reset purposes, new players must enter when registering email after first login


Warp Points: Warp points are now available on datenshi! This warp is intended to facilitate access to public facilities, the current list can be accessed at /warplist


Clan Features: true clan feature is back to datenshi with a few extra features! Now all clan menus from creation to member management are in the GUI which can be accessed with the /clan command, for clan creation itself it costs 500 balance. This clan also has an ally and rival feature, for the provisions of allies and rivals, the target clan and the clan itself must have at least 3 members.


- Limit the number of villages to a maximum of 7 in 1 chunk

- Reduce villager activity by 50% when lag occurs (TPS below 18.5)

- Increase the cooldown of breeding farm animals by 5 seconds per farm animal globally *

- Entities will not be processed if nearby players are in AFK mode (using the /afk command or staying silent for too long)


Mechanism update (this update is for optimisation server) Entity Activation range (in block)

- Animal : 16

- Monsters : 24

- Raides : 48

- Misc : 8

- Water : 8

- Villager : 16

- Flying monsters : 48


Despawn Range (in block)

- Soft : 30

- Hard : 80