Registration and login



How to register to the server 


Important NOTE

We just allowed registration for 1 IP for 1 account, if you have more than 1 account it can't be registered or get BAN. So please take a note of that.


If you are first time join to the server you must enter captcha to verified you account isn't bot. To do that type /captcha (insert captcha herecaptcha is generated automatically in chat, so read carefully and then copy the captha to your command/chat menu.


After that you must be register to the server, because this is not premium only server (cracked can join). To do that you just type /register (your password) (confirm your password). The password will be used for login to website and minecraft server too.


The last step is insert your email. This kind of registration is for backup your account and get access to Datenshi website. To do that, you can just type /email (your email) (confirm your email). Thats all, registration is done! 


Login for cracked Minecraft launcher and normal Minecraft launcher


Cracked Minecraft launcher

If you are cracked minecraft launcer we must protect your account by forceing user to login every single time his/her account is disconnected or changing IP, to do that you can just type /login (your password) to login to the minecraft server.


Normal Minecraft launcher

If you are user that buy minecraft originally from Mojang we have a automatic login for you, so you dont have to type login every single time you trying to login to the server. How to do it? so first of all you must register or login /login (your password) (if you already logout from server) and simply type /premium, just follow the simple instruction in the chat and you are done. Now every single time you trying to join the server you account is automatically login.