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How to play RPG in this server?

First you should know that on this server there are several places to start your RPG journey, items, how to level up your RPG status, enchant, etc.


Getting started

Type /em menu, there you can see your stats, where you can teleport, gear, commands, quest tracking, and bosses tracking.



Basic Places for farming and Adventurers Guild.

  • - Adventurers guild (/ag)
    Adventurers guild is a place to interact like RPG players. In this place you can accept quests, buy, sell, enchant, upgrade or repair the RPG items you have.
  • - Sewer Maze (/em menu, teleport, click The Sewer)
    Sewer Maze is a dungeon to hunt various types of mob levels to bosses. In this place you can get a variety of valuable items, money and EXP to raise the rank of your RPG.
  • - Mini Bosses/Elite Mob (/warp rpg_farm)
    To get additional experience you can also go to rpg_farm to conquer the mini bosses that are there. Remember this place every night, it will be difficult for you to beat the mob!.
  • - Special exception
    Especially in RPGs, you will not lose items when you die, cannot use the random teleport command, cannot sethome, and cannot claim the area/land at the specified location.

Leveling up

After some time you grinding, you need to go to NPC Guild Attendant. He will level up your RPG status, but you need some conditions to get to that level.



Special items for RPG only

You can get special items for RPG by obtaining that item from bosses, or buy it from store (at Adventurer guild).
Short explanation for RPG items

rpg items are only useful in RPG only (dungeon or RPG farm). If an rpg item is used in vanilla it will be useless.
if you insist on using this item for vanilla you will be penalized for using illegal items so that item will be the same like a vanilla one and the damage received by the item will be more than it should be!



Sell/Buy items

You can sell or buy your items on this guys Adventure Guild (/ag). The left one (Blacksmith) is the normal RPG item one and the Right one (Special Balcksmith) have special items for you adventure, like buff, heal, magic, etc.


Repair Items

You can repair you RPG item by visiting Adventure Guild (/ag), but first you need to scrap your  item (I recommend using unused items) to be a repair material. So you need to go to Kelly NPC, scrap your item and go to NPC Reggie to Repair your item by putting the scrap and the item that you want to repair.

also you can upgrade your scrap level by putting 10 scrap (same level)  to NPC Raplh to get higher level of scrap.



Enchant items

for enchanting your items you need scrap your items (I recommend using unused items) and go to NPC Sam to get item Upgrade Orb,

After that goto NPC Tim go enchant your weapon by putting Upgrade Orb and your elite weapon.

and there you go, you level up your items and some stats in it.



Random Event/ Encounter

There is also a random event/ encounter that will spawn randomly in a Farm RPG world. The mob will be randomize and this ramdon event/encounter/Mini boss that have a special ability and drop items.

RPG mechanism

-  If you are new to RPG mode,  we recommend farming low level mob(RPG) first (in dungeon) and after got the better equipment you can switch it out from vanilla equipment to RPG one.


- Items and points from mobs(RPG) will be contributed fairly according to the damage given by the player. (It means you can still fight the boss in a party and each player will get their own loot)


There is no experience to level up, but you can increase the mob difficulty by gear up your equipment (scale up by gear/item level)


- You still can use vanilla items on RPG farm/ Dungeon RPG but it wont as effective as RPG items.


- The item will have an owner and an ownership level. you need a special item to change the ownership of that item.


- You can still use RPG item in vanilla but it will have less effectiveness/less damage when fighting a vanilla mob. The item will be balance out like vanilla item before.


- You can't claim, set home, random teleport on RPG world/ spesific place (RPG).


- You not allowed to make mob/bosses RPG stuck in a same place (mobs will not drop the loot).